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How To Use Your Own Environment To Get In Shape – 2 Birds With 1 Stone

2 Birds With 1 Stone Workout:

When I was about to close the gym I was debating with myself whether I should stay and workout or just do one at home. Then I looked at the floor and there was a lot of weights laying on the floor like usual so I thought to myself why don’t I just do something for every weight that I pick up, so I did. The workout felt really good because I had a clear goal that all the weight has to be put away so I was just doing the exercise and going on to the next. I didn’t want to leave in 3 hours so I haven’t rested for too long in between of sets. This resulted in a great leg workout, done easily around 500 reps.

Here is the run down of what I did:

For every plate that was either 2.5 kg, 5 kg or 10 kg I would do 10 squats while holding on to the weight.

For every plate that was either 15 kg , 20 kg or 25 I would put it back on the weight rack and do 10 powerful jumping squats

For every piece of blue roll or rubbish I found I would do 10 lunges ( 5 on each leg )

For every dumbbell found I would first put it back where it belongs and do 15 jumping jacks straight after.

The next day I woke up and my legs were on fire, this is a great way to get your daily exercise while doing something that you have to. If you struggle with time doing a routine like this is a great way of squeezing in a workout. You can come up with your own routine for example doing a workout while you’re cleaning at home is a great idea. Every dish washed – 10 push ups, for every piece of laundry 10 high knees, every t-shirt that you put away 5 bur pees and so on. You get the idea. If you really value your health you will find a way to squeeze in physical activity, if not you will indeed find an excuse.