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Workout To Burn Fat & Endurance/ Watch and Follow/ Level Hard 🔥🏋

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Workout To Burn Fat & Endurance/ Watch and Follow/ Level Hard 🔥🏋 Circuits are amazing for anybody that wants to lose fat, increase stamina & get stronger at the same time. Busy individuals that don’t have time to work on each body part for an hour a half will find this method of training especially beneficial & entertaining. Hitting 3 rounds of well balanced 12 exercise circuits 3 times a week will guarantee amazing results. I would recommend using a free app “Interval Timer” which allows you to set your intervals to your desired time.

You may choose to do 3 rounds at 30 seconds or even gradually increase the timing on each round to make it more challenging. The bottom line is, try not to rest between exercises until the round is done. If half way through an exercise you feel that your form is getting worse, for example you’re performing an elbow plank and your hips start to drop, stop and resume the exercise after a while. Performing exercises with bad form may lead to injury… be careful! I

‘ve done circuits for some time and I didn’t seem to lose any weight, why is that? Training is only a tool to help you lose more calories ,remember you need to go on a calorie deficit to lose weight. If you’ve been doing it for a month but no results showed up that means you still need to work on your diet, you’re just simply consuming too many calories however I’m sure you feel more athletic despite the lack of weight loss.

I personally perform circuits when I’m running short on time and want to get lots done in short period of time or if I feel like a session I did wasn’t good enough, I will finish it with 2 or 3 rounds of a solid 12 exercise circuit and that makes me feel much better about the session. These workouts have greatly contributed to my weight loss since they’re very taxing on the body meaning a lot of calories are being burned. Circuit training,circuit exercises,group sessions fat burning workout, fat burning workout at home, hard workout you can do at home, circuit type circuit to burn fat




How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight

It’s best to think of them as 1 calorie equals to 1 unit of energy. This energy is used by our body to perform various tasks like keeping us alive, walking, lifting weights etc. We all need different amount of calories because of our lifestyle, weight, height, genetics and activity levels.
A person that lifts heavy weights 5 times a week will need more than somebody that has an office job and doesn’t participate in any physical activity.  There are several great tools that will help you determine how many calories you need to consume, one of them is : http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html

You may heard of the terms calorie deficit and calorie surplus but what exactly are they? In order to lose weight you have to go on a calorie deficit that means less calories then your body needs and calorie surplus to put on weight. Your body takes up certain amount of calories just to function (BMR) and then at the top of that any physical activity that you do. How do you calculate the calories that your body needs to stay the same? Again there is plenty of free tools that will do that for example: https://www.freedieting.com/calorie-calculator or the one I mentioned above.

Widely used estimate is that for every 3500 calories deficit you will lose 1 pound of weight. It’s a rough estimate however the real number will depend on the individual so just experiment. If you’re not losing weight, it means you are still on a calorie surplus, reevaluate where you are making mistakes and cut them out.Steemit - calculator