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Calisthenics Freestyle Tricks Session – P Bar/ Dip Bar Flow

Calisthenics Freestyle Tricks Session – P Bar/ Dip Bar Flow
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My favorite part of Calisthenics must be P bar Flow tricking without a doubt. I love how you have to let your body do what it has been trained to do, when you want to make it look smooth there ain’t much time to think of a next move so you have to go for whatever comes first!

Since the beginning of my calisthenics journey I enjoyed the freestyle part of it, there are just so many possibilities. The strive to make it look smoother and get the next move is addicting. Something that seems impossible now may be your second nature if you only dare enough to do it!

I personally work on freestyle twice a week that is Tuesday & Thursday every week. I use to do straight bar flow on Mondays but I gave that up to work on my strength more!


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Calisthenics Freestyle – P bar Flow Tricking

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Short Clip featuring calisthenics P bar flow that is my favorite expression of myself. If there is anything you want to learn that you’ve seen in the video, just let me know and I will do my best to create a tutorial or a walk through breaking the move down for you.