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Quick Routine To Strengthen Your ABS – Level Medium

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Strengthen Your ABS with This Routine – Level Medium Did you think my videos can help you ? Subscribe to stay updated This ABS workout is only 3 minutes but it features some hard exercises.

I would not recommend this to people that are just starting out because you will most likely perform these with poor technique due to lack of abdominal strength.

If you’re a beginner head over to my channel – playlists – beginners abs workout. If you have any questions about fitness be sure to let me know and I will answer those

Ideas for upcoming videos are welcomed.

Exercises Used:

Starfish Crunch

Scissor Catches

High Crunch

Hold Elbow

Plank Hold

Mountain Climbers

V Ups

ABS Workout 4.5 Minutes I At Home I Bar Techniques

ABS Workout – Youtube VideoABS 4

If you find these too hard you can find the beginner workouts on my channel that will get your body ready for the challenge that may seem impossible now. The medium abdominal workouts will usually last about 3 minutes however don’t stop there you can complete these 3 minutes over and over until you’re satisfied.

Working on ABS will not make you lose fat, targeting fat loss is impossible therefore you want to make sure you’re burning more energy then you’re taking in. What can help you in fat loss is doing one of my HIIT workouts or circuits few times a week, then once you get comfortable exercise more often, increase the intensity and duration.

You should work on your ABS strength regardless of your goal, abdominals perform many functions like spine support, organ protection, assist in breathing and helping your body to balance and stabilize. You have abdominals for a reason, work them!

Very Challenging ABS Workout At Home – 10 Exercises – 5 minutes – 6 PACK!

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Very Challenging ABS Workout At Home – 10 Exercises – 5 minutes – 6 PACK!
Make sure you tell me how many rounds you have done in the comments – whoever does the most rounds wins!!
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This Abs Workout At Home is not designed for beginners, if you have some background in training and consider your core to be strong then this workout is definitely for you. Make sure you’re performing each exercise with the correct form that means you should maintain the motion of an exercise for the entire duration for example in a plank position you want your body to be straight as soon as your hips start dropping stop the exercise.

Best thing to do is perform as many perfect reps as you can, rest and resume to get a couple more in. You can do this workout anywhere you please in the park, at the comfort of your home or in the gym! Get one of your friends to do it with you!


Exercises Used:

Crunch Kicks Outs With Clap Inbetween
Leg Raise Circles
Plank Jacks
Supported V Ins
Side Plank
Side Plank
V tuck Kick Outs
Plank Walk In & Out
Crunch Ins & Outs
Crunch Ins & Outs 90 % In KneesKiller ABS Workout outine