ABS Workout 4.5 Minutes I At Home I Bar Techniques

ABS Workout – Youtube VideoABS 4

If you find these too hard you can find the beginner workouts on my channel that will get your body ready for the challenge that may seem impossible now. The medium abdominal workouts will usually last about 3 minutes however don’t stop there you can complete these 3 minutes over and over until you’re satisfied.

Working on ABS will not make you lose fat, targeting fat loss is impossible therefore you want to make sure you’re burning more energy then you’re taking in. What can help you in fat loss is doing one of my HIIT workouts or circuits few times a week, then once you get comfortable exercise more often, increase the intensity and duration.

You should work on your ABS strength regardless of your goal, abdominals perform many functions like spine support, organ protection, assist in breathing and helping your body to balance and stabilize. You have abdominals for a reason, work them!

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