Torn Callus? Here is what you can do next time it happens!…

Torn callus

How are the calluses formed in the first place ?

You will have callus if you start doing anything that will involve pulling yourself up or holding a barbel that pulls you down. Any friction or force that your hands will have to deal with will make the skin toughen in certain areas of your palm usually in 3 main places , middle of the fingers just at the top of the palm and in the middle of the palm. The callus that are exposed the most are the ones in the middle.

Usually the callus by themselves won’t cause any major problem they might hurt a little bit but you will get use to it after a while. They start to become a problem when they grow to big or when one of them rips. There are certain procedures to help you deal with those problems.

When you rip a callus what should you do?

There are several options that you can go with , pick the one that you think will be the best. What you chose to do is in your hands.

First option is to rest for around 4 days just letting the wound heal. This is a great option since you will minimize the risk of the area getting infected and possibly avoid “sloppy workouts”. Ignoring the possibility of an infection is not the wisest thing to do, you might end up taking more days off then if you would just let yourself rest and of course minimize the pain that’s associated with that.

Second Option is to train through it without doing the pulling motion what I’ve found is that whenever I rip one of my callus I can focus more on pushing exercises like, planche pushups, dips and handstands. Keep in mind that it’s best to wrap your hands with a rock tape which will essentially work as your 2nd layer of skin and then put a glove on the top of that to protect the wound completely. This will minimize the risk of an infection and ease of the direct pain.

What to do after you rip your skin off

After you rip your skin you ideally want to stop the workout and go to the bathroom and wash the wound in the hot water, it will burn a little. Then pat and dry the wound, next thing you will need to do is get rid off that excess skin on your palm, don’t rip it right away because it usually creates a bigger rip then it is and it’s going to hurt ever more. Grab your self a pair of small scissors or a nail clipper and cut off the skin as far as it’s possible, best to remove all the dead skin. After the wound starts healing, you will want to grind down the rest of the dead skin that’s left on the with a callus shaver, pumice stone or a nail file. Keeping the skin moisturized will speed the healing process.



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