3 Reasons Why People Fail At Weight Loss

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3 Reasons Why People Fail At Weight Loss

Trying to change to many things at once!

A common mistake is trying to change everything at once, you know it doesn’t work so using the same method will have the same results. You have to take it slowly for example in the first week you will get rid of sodas and just drink water, seem more reasonable right? If you can stick to that, add another change and keep doing that until you reach your goal. Make sure these changes stay with you for your entire life not just for the period of losing weight, being healthy is your duty.

Being hungry

In order to lose weight you will have to go on a calorie deficit meaning you need to consume less energy then you’re expending. That can mean you will feel more hungry then usual which can lead to being moody, demotivated and feeling like you want to give up. There is a way around that, if you really take your healthy eating seriously and consume good carbs, good fats and protein you will not only feel full and energized but you will also lose fat. When you’re about to give yourself a treat like a chocolate bar think about how long is that chocolate bar going to fill you up for? Eating bad food is usually associated with looking for “quick fix” when you feel hungry. After having a good quality meal you will not be as keen to eat that chocolate as you were before.

Going after what sounds good

This one is especially bad for your self esteem if you’re falling for the quick fix, 1 pill a day, 3 minutes a day to flat stomach or whatever it is these days you will most likely be left with unsatisfying results and feeling disappointed. It’s not your fault, you just got fed the wrong information. Getting fit and healthy is a process and not a “job” or a “project” that lasts for 2 weeks, it’s a commitment to love your body day in and out. If you truly love yourself, taking care of your body should not be a problem. I think that what these companies advertise is actually lethal for the person trying their product because at the end of the so called life changing plan you feel worse then before and you will find yourself putting the weight back on right away after you done with it.

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