Insane 6 Minute Fat Burning Legs Workout (Follow Along)

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Follow Along – Insane 6 Minute Fat Burning Workout For Legs
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Exercises Used:

Squat + Reach To the Side
Touch the Floor + Jump
Jump with a turn + 2 Body Twists
Double Lunge Backs
Pretended Skipping Rope
Cross Lunges


What is circuit training?

Circuits are amazing for anybody that wants to lose fat, increase stamina & get stronger at the same time. Busy individuals that don’t have time to work on each body part for an hour a half will find this method of training especially beneficial & entertaining. Hitting 3 rounds of well balanced 12 exercise circuits 3 times a week will guarantee amazing results.

I would recommend using a free app “Interval Timer” which allows you to set your intervals to your desired time. You may choose to do 3 rounds at 30 seconds or even gradually increase the timing on each round to make it more challenging.

The bottom line is, try not to rest between exercises until the round is done. If half way through an exercise you feel that your form is getting worse, for example you’re performing an elbow plank and your hips start to drop, stop and resume the exercise after a while. Performing exercises with bad form may lead to injury… be careful


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